Register/ Update Your Data

  • Here you can feed your details for searching a partner for mutual Transfer.
  • Your Details will be protected by a password that will be entered when you feed the data.
  • Do remember your password for updating the data on a later date.
  • You can also close your request if you are no more interested in finding a partner for mutual transfer.
  • If you want to reopen your request again then you will have to approach the site administrator.
  • Only one data per employee can be entered however employee can register for multiple Units/ Railways - i.e Any employee wanting transfer to Mumbai can register for Western Railway as well as Central Railway (BCT and BBVT divisions) in the same registration.
  • Employee Code (P. F. Number/ NPS number/ Employee Number ) will be required for registration.
  • Password will be used to Save the data.
  • For updating the data password will be required.

Search data from the Registered Requests

  • Here You can search the database on the basis of Railway, Unit, Category.
  • Multiple combinations can be used in the search critaria.
  • You can note down unique registration number for responding to other employee if suitable match is found.
  • During the first response your basic data will required to be entered.
  • In the subsequent responses you can use Employee Code (P. F. Number/ NPS number/ Employee Number) and password, and add to the responses.

Check Status

  • After registration one can check if any other employees has responded to the requirements submitted.
  • Details of the other employee's Reponses to one's request as well as one's responses to other employees is shown on the single page.

Respond to Others

  • If you have found suiable partner for Mutual Transfer you can feed your details to so that other employee can also see the details and both of you can contact each other.
  • Response can be made on the basis of Unique Registration Number.
  • You can also respond by clicking on the hyper link in the search results table.