This Portal is the outcome of desire expressed by Shri A. K. Mittal, Member Staff, Railway Board, to put in place a mechanism that would facilitate a large number of railway employees who want to take transfer to places near their home towns. Though there are well defined rules for processing such requests, manual treatment of these cases have been often giving suboptimal results. At the instructions of Member Staff in the first stage, all Railways and Production Units were asked to put in place a mechanism which would maintain and display On Line, the priority lists for transfer. The task was achieved within the allotted one month’s time. In this final and culminating stage a Common Platform is being launched on which any railway employee can register his/her request for transfer to any railway unit. This would work as a common clearing house for all inter railway transfers and bring about absolute transparency in their processing. It would also facilitate Railway Board office to directly monitor such cases, a number of which become VIP references to Hon’ble Minister for Railways. This solution has been developed by Shri Rajeev Kumar Goyal, IRPS, Chief Personnel Officer/Admn/ NCR.

For query or suggestion may contact the following:

1. Rajiv Kishore, Executive Director, Railway Board- 011 23378845, 9958293653
2. Rajeev Goyal, Chief Personnel Officer/Admn. NCR- 0532 2230776, 9794835601