Indian Railways (IR) is one of the world’s largest rail networks with approx 65000 route kilometres of route lengths. Railway network traverse across the length and breadth of the Country. It is the world's largest commercial or utility employer, with over 1.3 million employees. A large number of employees are recruited every year by different units to keep the life-line of country running.
An effort is being made here to share the information available in the database and note down any errors pointed out be the employee.
Many new employees join Railway service far away from their home town. Many of these employees apply for transfer to other units so that they can reach a place nearer to home town.

Change Password

  • Data of each employee is protected. If you know the existing password you can change pass word here

Generate Password

  • If you have forgotten the password same can be regenerated here

Employee Master

  • Basic information about the employee available in the employee Master can be seen under this menu. Efforts are being made to keep the information about the employee to be seen by only the employee himself
  • All the employees having mobile number updated in the database can see the information.
  • Employee will be able to point out the errors in the information and same will be rectified in the database after duly checking with the official records.


All the information relating to Inter Railway Request transfers, Mutual Transfers has been clubbed under this tab
  • Find suitable partner for Mutual Transfer.
  • Monitor progress of Mutual Transfer.
  • Monitor progress of request for transfer.
  1. Presently the Portal is open for use by the Railway Offices alone and not for the employees, however they can check status of Transfer cases/ suggest errors in the Biodata information.
  2. All request transfers/ errors pointed out will be processed as per existing terms and conditions laid down by the respective Railway.